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The Sunpentown Far Infrared Foot Massager is used exclusively as a foot massager that has infrared heat to add extra warmth to your massage. Choose from two speeds that supply deep vibrations. The Far Infrared Foot Massager has a 20-minute program to keep you relaxed.
Let the warm, rolling massage of the Far Infrared Foot Massager ease your feet into a new state of nirvana. Feet endure entirely too much during our daily lives and are often left neglected at the end of the day. Treat your feet to a soothing home massage with the Far Infrared Foot Massager.
The Far Infrared Foot Massager is a floor based foot massager made of plastic casing. It uses infrared, photon, ozone and chi gong wave to stimulate foot acupuncture points. The Far Infrared Foot Massager is perfect for the feet. The Far Infrared Foot Massager features temperature safety and a 20 minute program for your convenience. The 20 minute automatic shutdown saves energy and ensures the longevity of your Massager.
Infrared Foot Massager

Infrared Foot Massager
Soothing, warm vibration. The Far Infrared Foot Massager is a basic foot massager with infrared heat to add warmth to its massaging action. Choose from 4 kinds of wave, infrared wave, photon wave, ozone wave and chi gong wave, that supply massage your feet. The Far Infrared Foot Massager has a 20-minute program to keep you relaxed without having to worry about pushing buttons.

  • Infrared heat for added warmth
  • 4 massage settings to fit your comfort level.
  • Built in sensor automatically adjusts heat for your safety and the longevity of the product.
  • Different sole massage speeds.
  • 20 minute massage program.
  • Pre-set automatic shut-off of massager to elongate the life of the product.
  • Compact for easy storage

3 person far infrared sauna with light therapy S series saunas for sale Buy saunas direct Thu, 15 Apr 2010 13:25:31 +0000 Buy 3 person far infrared sauna with light therapy direct from importers | deliveries nationwide

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3 person Far infrared sauna S -SERIES with colour therapy Model FIR-3SGLT


Advantages of FIR Sauna’s

* Far infrared Saunas helps – Expels Toxins
* Far infrared Saunas known to – Reduces Stress
* Far infrared Saunas known to – Benefits your Skin
* Far infrared Saunas helps – Controls Your Weight
* Far infrared Saunas helps with – Pain Relief
* Far infrared Saunas – Provides the same effects of exercise
* Far infrared Saunas also- Improves Immune System

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Free Sauna Accessories:

* CD/AM/FM Stereo
* Built Speakers
* Inner and outer controls
* Oxygen Ionizer
* Tempered Glass
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* Interior Lights

3 Person FIR Sauna Room
D:Outside light
Capacity:3 Person
Dual control panel: No
Far Infra red Heaters: 6pcs
Operating temperature:18-60 d/c
Power: 1900W
Wood:Cedar /Can.Hemlock
FM/CD Player: Yes

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Infrared Sauna and Multiple Sclerosis Thu, 18 Mar 2010 13:33:58 +0000 I have had multiple sclerosis for the past 14 years and am delighted with the benefits I receive from my infrared sauna.

At first I was afraid that the heat wouldn’t be good for my condition but infrared is not like a regular sauna – it doesn’t feel uncomfortably hot just warm. My energy levels are much higher, my mood is more bouyant, and my symptoms are greatly reduced. In addition, my skin is incredibly smooth, the pain in my joints is practically gone, and I feel much cleaner – inside and out. Also, I don’t get depressed anymore in the winter. I love sitting in the warmth in the middle of winter and I put the ‘bright light’ on.

I do drink loads when I’m in there – about 30-40 minutes at a time a few times a week – and I take magnesium before I go in as its recommended in the book ‘Detoxify or Die’.

The definition of a far infrared sauna Far infrared saunas – from Wikipedia Thu, 19 Nov 2009 13:28:03 +0000 FAR Infrared Sauna- from Wikipedia10:31 2008/07/21, saunas, definition of far infrared sauna, far infrared sauna, health benefits, infrared sauna, sauna’s, Far infrared sauna Health Benefits
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An infrared sauna is a sauna that heats its occupants with heaters that emit far infrared radiant heat. Unlike traditional Finnish Saunas, infrared saunas do not use steam, (which heats the air, and thereby the user) but instead use infrared radiation to directly heat the user.[1]


1 What is infrared?
2 Infrared saunas
3 Infrared sauna vs. traditional sauna
4 Health Benefit Claims
5 Controversy
6 Infrared sauna production
7 References


[edit] What is infrared?
Infrared (IR) radiation is electromagnetic radiation of a wavelength longer than that of visible light, but shorter than that of radio waves. The radiation hits the surface of the body and heats through a process called conversion, instead of heating the air around you.

[edit] Infrared saunas
An infrared sauna is usually a wooden box, or small wooden room, containing several infrared heaters. In a warm environment, an infrared sauna could be open air and still heat the users in the same manner, since the heaters don`t rely on the air being hot, but only hot enough such that the body doesn`t cool down without sweating. All the same, normally the units are contained in a room, allowing the air to heat and in effect simulating the feel of a traditional sauna. In other words, the sauna box creates the atmosphere of the sauna while the heaters provide the actual infrared therapy.

In an infrared sauna, the infrared heater produces radiant energy, which is the same as the heat from the sun, only without the harmful ultraviolet rays. Most of these heaters draw on technology developed in 1965 by Dr. Tadashi Ishikawa, a member of the Research and Development Department of Fuji Medical.

[edit] Infrared sauna vs. traditional sauna
Traditional saunas, also called rock saunas or Finnish Saunas, use various types of heaters to warm the air and stones in a room. The room`s walls can be logs or some other material lined with wood. Stones placed over the heat source attain a high temperature. In its primitive form the stones are heated by wood without a chimney. The fire dies and the smoke exits by the door. Heat is maintained by the stones. Stones are usually peridotite as they are heat stable. Modern Finnish saunas have thermostatically controlled electric stoves or wood stoves with chimneys.

In a traditional sauna the air temperature typically runs between 169 to 190 °F (76 to 88 °C), though temperatures over 200 °F (93 °C) are sometimes encountered. The hot air causes the body to heat up, and eventually results in a sweat. Water is thrown on the stones to achieve a steam shock. Some devotees enhance the experience by mixing vodka etc in the water. This produces a quick high. Some add herbs or oil like eucalyptus. Traditionally, ones skin is beaten with a bunch of birch twigs. When the heat becomes intolerable one cools down under a cold shower or, as in Finland, by jumping into a frozen lake, or perhaps, most delicately, one rolls in powdery snow. Then one repeats the process to satisfaction. Although potentially unsafe, alcoholic drinks often accompany the sauna.

An infrared sauna uses a variety of heater types from older technology steel incoloy rods and ceramics to newer carbon heaters that creates infrared waves that heat your body directly, instead of just by the air. The temperature in them is much cooler, at around 120 to 140 °F (43 to 54 °C). The amount of sweat that results from each is comparable, though many people report that the lower temperatures in an infrared sauna allow the user to stay inside longer, resulting in longer sauna sessions and therefore more overall sweating.

[edit] Health Benefit Claims
Infrared sauna promoters state that infrared radiant heat is safe and beneficial, claiming that the heat penetrates more than 1.5 inches (40 mm) into the body. The argument is based on the idea that the wavelengths of far infrared waves are typically between 5.8 and 1000 micrometers. This is supposed to correspond to the vibration of the water molecule at 9.4 micrometers. Because these vibrations are similar, say promoters, the infrared rays help knock toxins loose from fat cells into the body, and those toxins are then released through sweating. They claim this heals and stimulates tissues, and that it is effective therapy for arthritis and tissue injuries.

Dr. Sherry Rogers, a fellow of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology and a diplomate of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, says in her book Detoxify or Die that an infrared sauna is the only way of removing man-made toxins from your body. Dr. Rogers also states that bio-accumulated toxic load in the human body is responsible for all disease not attributable to bacteria or virus.

Because the skin is the largest organ of the body, regularly sweating in a far infrared sauna can help decrease the toxic load and contribute to better health and vitality. One of the ways that infrared sauna use is beneficial for a wide range of ailments is through the increase in circulation that it causes in the body.[2] Increased circulation is often believed to be helpful in a variety of ways, and is generally regarded as beneficial for health.[3] [edit] Controversy
There is controversy over whether infrared saunas can detoxify the body. Many alternative health practitioners and sauna vendors claim that infrared saunas can eliminate harmful chemicals that have built up in the body, citing personal anecdotes and experiences as support. Mainstream medical professionals, such as those employed by the Mayo Clinic, have failed to find evidence for these claims.[4]

There is much less controversy over claims that toxic chemicals are building up in the human body due to chemical exposure typical to a post-industrial society — see National Geographic article The Pollution Within. [5] [edit] Infrared sauna production
While there are many different infrared sauna brands, there are fewer actual manufacturers. As in many industries, there are a number of manufacturers that will produce for multiple brands, allowing those brands to then sell them as their own. This is similar to store brand marketing that is common in retail stores and grocery stores.

Far infrared sauna facts 40 Fascinating Facts About Far Infrared Saunas Thu, 19 Nov 2009 13:26:03 +0000 saunas, buy far infrared sauna, detox or die far infrared saunas, far infrared, far infrared benefits, far infrared sauna, far infrared saunas, health benefits, sauna, sauna’s, Far infrared sauna Health Benefits

We will show you 40 fascinating facts from Sauna Tech

Although more and more people are learning firsthand about the fabulous benefits of owning a far infrared sauna or heat therapy room, many others still possess very little knowledge of this important subject. The following information has been compiled to help spread the good news with the hope of placing more people on the path to greater health, relaxation and happiness.

1. Using a far infrared sauna can help strengthen the body`s immune system by stimulating increased production of white blood cells by the bone marrow and killer T-cells by the thymus.

2. Far infrared rays improve blood circulation, stimulate endorphins, lower lactic acid, kill certain bacteria and parasites, and burn calories. Proponents of hyperthermia, also known as fever therapy, maintain that using far infrared energy to therapeutically induce higher body temperatures helps fight infections and even cancer. Their argument is supported by the human body itself, which radiates infrared energy for the benefits of warmth and tissue repair.

3. A good example of far infrared heat is the light produced by the sun.This is the heat you feel penetrate your skin when you stand in the sun and miss when you walk into the shade. It has nothing to do with ultraviolet light, which can damage your skin. When people do not receive adequate amounts of far infrared heat, they often can become ill or

4. Studies indicate that benefits of far infrared sauna use include:muscle relaxation; stress, tension and headache relief; reduction and removal of body toxins; increased cardiovascular strength; increased blood circulation; strengthened immune system; improved lung function, and refreshed, Moisturized skin

5. Far infrared saunas are recognized by health practitioners worldwide as perhaps the most effective method of removing both chemical and heavy metal toxins from the body. Far infrared saunas are thought to be 7 times more effective at detoxifying heavy metals such as mercury, aluminium, and other environmental toxins than conventional heat or steam saunas. For many chronically ill patients as well as people who are well and wish to stay that way by reducing their toxic burden, the far infrared sauna is the detox method of choice.

6. Bathing in a far infrared sauna in the early stages of a cold or flu has been known to stop the disease before symptoms occur.

7. Far infrared heat can penetrate into the skin about an inch and a half to two inches deep and can have therapeutic benefits, such as helping to dissolve fat deposits under the skin. Since toxins may be stored in the fat, the deep penetrating heat of a far infrared sauna can help eliminate them, especially toxins such as heavy metals and acidic compounds.

8. The radiant heat of a far infrared sauna is efficient because it warms the sauna bather directly. The body absorbs as much as 93 percent of the heat, causing perspiration and producing a vast array of health benefits.9. Far infrared saunas can help clear cellulite, the gel-like lumps of fat, water and debris trapped in pockets beneath the skin. European beauty specialists routinely incorporate daily far infrared sauna baths in programs to reduce cellulite.

10. Generally speaking, far infrared saunas are less expensive, easier to install, and require less maintenance than traditional saunas. They come in many sizes and are often quite portable, making them a great choice when limited space is available.

11. Far infrared radiant heat provides all the healthy benefits of natural sunlight without any of the dangerous effects of solar radiation.

12. Far infrared saunas are more cleansing than conventional saunas because they are designed to generate more than two to three times the amount of perspiration. A higher volume of sweat means a more thorough flushing of toxins from the body.

13. Unlike in traditional saunas where temperatures range from 140 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit (60 to 105 degrees Celsius), the temperatures of far infrared saunas typically range from 100 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (38 to 60 degrees Celsius).

14. The temperature inside a far infrared sauna is adjustable and comfortable. This allows a person to perspire faster and to tolerate a longer period of time inside the sauna. Typical sessions in a far infrared sauna last 20 to 30 minutes and can be repeated to maximize the benefits.

15. The lower heat range of far infrared saunas is safer for people with cardiovascular risk factors or fragile health because lower temperatures don`t dramatically elevate heart rate and blood pressure.

16. Far infrared saunas have been used to treat sprains, bursitis, rheumatism, muscle spasms, neuralgia and haemorrhoids. They have also been shown to relieve acne, eczema, psoriasis and burns.

17. The effects of toxin, chemical and pesticide poisoning can be greatly reduced by the far infrared sauna`s detoxification action. People who work with chemicals, as well as home gardeners who frequently use fertilizers and pesticides, are advised to use far infrared saunas on a regular basis.

18. Far infrared radiant heat is a form of naturally occurring energy that heats objects by direct light conversion. Direct light conversion warms only the object and does not raise the temperature of the surrounding free air.

19. A far infrared sauna will deliver hypothermic benefits in a much shorter time period (i.e.10 to 15 minutes) than a conventional sauna (30 to 45 minutes).

20. Far infrared sauna use can help promote rebuilding of injured tissue by having a positive effect on the fibroblasts, the connective tissue cells necessary for the repair of injury. It also can help increase growth of cells, DNA syntheses, and protein synthesis, all of which is necessary during tissue repair and regeneration.

21. In the electromagnetic spectrum, far infrared wavelengths measure between 5.6 and 1,000 microns. One micron equals one micrometer or one millionth of a meter. Wavelengths of between 6 and 14 microns are believed to be the most beneficial to humans and other living things on Earth. The human palm emits far infrared wavelengths of between 8 and 12 microns. The energy output from far infrared saunas so closely match the human body`s radiant energy that nearly 93 percent of the sauna`s far
infrared waves reach the skin.

22. Far infrared sauna therapy has helped people with cardiovascular conditions such as congestive heart failure and angina. It enhances endothelial nitric oxide, lowering blood pressure and improving cardiovascular function.

23. The radiant heat of far infrared saunas has been shown to be especially beneficial to people with sports injuries, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and other chronic pain conditions.

24. In a study performed by U.S. researchers, the sweat of people using a conventional sauna was found to be 95 to 97 percent water, while the sweat of those using a far infrared sauna was 80 to 85 percent water with the non-water portion principally cholesterol, fat-soluble toxins, toxic heavy metals, sulphuric acid, sodium, ammonia, and uric acid.

25. There are some definite advantages to using far infrared sauna thermal heaters, such as no high heat claustrophobic reaction and better air circulation. Far infrared heaters heat the body, not the air, so a bather is more comfortable and cooler. Far infrared saunas require 90 percent less electrical energy than conventional saunas, and no plumbing is required for a far infrared sauna.

26. Far infrared sauna use can be of significant benefit to people trying to lose weight. A 20 to 30-minute session in a far infrared sauna has been touted to burn as many calories as a six-mile run.

27. Far infrared saunas are now used in health facilities for a range of health problems such as menopause, ulcers, insomnia, asthma, bronchitis, ear infections, and allergies.

28. Far infrared saunas offer the same benefits as traditional dry saunas, if not more. Plus, far infrared saunas don`t rely on any type of water. You don`t have to worry about setting the sauna up on a waterproof floor or near plumbing, and you don`t have to worry about mildew.

29. Unlike a traditional sauna, which requires a closed atmosphere to maintain heat levels required for therapeutic results, a far infrared sauna can be used with its door or window completely open if far infrared penetration is the only objective.

30. Far infrared saunas benefit all your organs of elimination, from your lungs to your liver to your kidneys to your skin.

31. Infrared light lies between the visible and microwave portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Infrared light has a range of wavelengths, just like visible light has wavelengths that range from red light to violet. Near infrared light is closest in wavelength to visible light, and far infrared light is closer to the microwave region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Far infrared waves are thermal, meaning they are felt as heat.

32. A far infrared sauna is usually warm within 10 or 15 minutes, whereas a conventional sauna can take more than an hour to reach optimal temperatures.

33. Most far infrared saunas use ceramic elements to generate gentle heat. Another option, although quite costly, is to use far infrared bulbs, which can provide warming and stimulating colour therapy.

34. In addition to hemlock, wood choices for far infrared sauna construction include basswood, birch, oak, poplar, spruce and western red cedar. When a wood type is stated to be hypoallergenic, it means that the wood contains minimal allergens and is therefore less likely to cause an allergic reaction. Typical wood allergies, however, are caused by

35. Respected retailers of far infrared saunas or heat therapy rooms include SAUNATECH

36. When far infrared heat penetrates a bather`s body, he or she can experience a refreshed mind, relaxed mood, reduction of aches and pains, improved metabolism, and systemic regularity leading to an overall feeling of wellness.

37. Hemlock is a softwood ideally suited for use in far infrared saunas. Hemlock is a very strong wood that is quite able to withstand the heat of a far infrared sauna. It is also abundantly available, which means the end cost to the consumer is less than it might be for another wood type.

38. Far infrared radiation is believed to be the only antidote to excessive ultraviolet radiation.

39. Certain alternative healing practices such as palm healing, a practice with some 3,000 years of tradition behind it in China, rely on the human body`s ability to emit far infrared radiant energy.

40. NASA has utilized far infrared therapy to help maintain fitness levels of astronauts in weightless environments.

How the far infrared sauna works Far infrared saunas Your lazy way to perfect Thu, 19 Nov 2009 13:23:55 +0000 These days people become more and more aware about the health and beauty of the human body. Trying different methods we often come to the conclusion that procedures our predecessors used are the healthiest and most useful. Well …the far infrared sauna its health improvement role and health benefits are enormous.

As the skin is the largest organ of the body and a major eliminative channel it`s a pity but in most people, it is inactive, congested and toxic. For example such factors as sun exposure, use of synthetic clothing, bathing in chlorinated water and exposure to hundreds of chemicals as a result the skin is heavily damaged.

Also taking in consideration that excessive sympathetic nervous system activity and emotions such as fear, anger and guilt cause blood to be withdrawn from the skin, contributing to inactivity of the skin. All these sound rather depressing, but fortunately we can restore our state of mind and body by means of infrared saunas as they provide many of the benefits including enhanced circulation and oxidation of the tissues. Visiting far infrared saunas regularly can help lower elevated blood pressure and improve the elasticity of the arteries.

Don`t forget that portable IR saunas are also most helpful for cardiovascular rehabilitation, weight loss, arthritis, allergies, skin conditions and chemical sensitivity. The sweating process while in the sauna gently and safely helps eliminate all heavy metals and toxic chemicals. As lots of medical professors state that bio-accumulated toxic load in the human body is responsible for all disease not attributable to bacteria or virus.

There are two facts medical studies prove: 1) most toxins can be eliminated through the skin, relieving the burden on the kidneys and liver; 2) sweating increases dramatically in most people after several months of infra-red sauna use. An infrared sauna is a wooden box with several infrared heaters that works by means of heaters that emit infrared radiation without heating the air; a heater produces this radiant energy, that is similar to the heat from the sun is a completely safe form of naturally occurring energy.

So as a result the FIR sauna box creates the atmosphere of the home sauna while the Far infrared heaters create the actual heating effect. The advantage of the infrared radiation is that it heats the skin directly without warming the air. Infrared radiant heat is safe and beneficial as the heat penetrates more than 1.5 inches into the body thus healing and stimulating tissues. Using portable saunas allows you to achieve health benefits and beauty of the body, as well you can easily do away with stress and fatigue.

The far infrared sauna experience Far infrared saunas Thu, 19 Nov 2009 13:21:40 +0000 The Sauna Experience.
Saunas are safe for most people providing one follows a few simple rules. Remain inside no longer than 30 minutes at a time. Resting after your sauna treatment is important lying or sitting for 10 minutes afterwards should be part of your far infrared sauna routine. This allows time to eliminate dead cells and other debris. Drink mineralized water before and after the sauna. Make sure the bowels move regularly, as sauna therapy will increase elimination.Use the IR sauna with supervision if you have a chronic condition. If debilitated or very heat-sensitive, begin with a shorter time. The presence of an attendant or friend is also most helpful. Those with multiple sclerosis, hyperthyroidism, hypertension or serious heart conditions should consult a health professional.

People with slow metabolisms may use the fir sauna up to twice a day. Upon arising and at bedtime are excellent if time permits. Evening is probably best if you use it once a day. If ill, however, the morning is better when energy levels are higher. Less often is also acceptable if beginning or to maintain your health. If you are much debilitated, begin with once a week. Work up to daily usage depending on how you feel. People with fast metabolisms should use the infrared sauna once or twice a week.

Drink two glasses of mineralized water before entering the sauna. Add juice or minerals to your water if it is mineral-free. The far infrared sauna will not work through clothing. Men, position yourselves so the testicles are not directly exposed to infrared energy. Pass the time meditating or review your day.

Use a small sauna towel to wipe off the sweat. Not recommended talking or working in the infra-red sauna.

When finished, take a shower, warm or cool but not hot. Avoid using soap as you will be clean. Soap leaves a film and clogs the pores. Wash off the sweat with a skin brush or loofa. Brush all over, even face and hair. Painful at first, it soon feels wonderful. Brushing enhances the cleansing effect. Shampoo and conditioner use only if needed. Most contain chemicals toxic to the body. Also skip most lotions and creams. These also contain harmful chemicals.

After the sauna drink a glass of water. Sit or lie down for at least 10 minutes. These simple steps allow your body to reap the full benefit of the sauna experience. As you become healthier, you will sweat more easily. Also, to heat up the sauna will take longer. The body dissipates heat more efficiently and fewer cellular toxins are there to be removed

Far infrared saunas have been shown to provide significant stress reduction as well as to assist in weight loss, pain management and detoxification. They can also provide relief for people suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and certain skin conditions. Far infrared sauna therapy penetrates deeply into muscles and joints increasing circulation and helping speed the flow of oxygen through your entire body.

Over the last 25 years, Japanese and Chinese researchers and clinicians have done extensive research on infrared treatments and reported many provocative findings. In Japan there is an Infrared Society, composed of medical doctors and physical therapists, to further research and support the health benefits of infrared as a healing method. There have been over 700,000 infrared Saunas sold in the Orient for whole-body treatments, and an additional 30 million people have received localized infrared treatment in the Orient, Europe and Australia with lamps tuned to the same 2 ~ 25 micron waveband as employed in these whole-body SaunaTech Saunas. Whole-body infrared therapy has been used for over 80 years by German physicians in an independently developed form.

Detox or Die Detox today in a far infrared sauna Thu, 19 Nov 2009 13:19:54 +0000 Detox or die. expel those toxins today. everybody wants to know where to get these far infrared saunas.

Symptoms of this kind of toxicity include:

Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, headache, brain fog, anxiety, cold hands and feet, and a host to other conditions. Far Infrared Sauna s provides countless benefits here are just a few:

Produces incredible health benefits
Detoxifies chemical and heavy metal toxins
Stimulates immune system, weight loss and pain relief
2 to 3 times more effective then traditional saunas
Easy-to assemble, portable, affordable
Installs inside and outside your home or medical office
6 piece set up in 30 minute or less- no special plumbing necessary
Available in poplar wood for patients with allergies and chemical sensitivities
Inexpensive to operate- electrical usage is between R50-R80 per month
There have been many articles written about far-infrared technology and how it rids the body from all sorts of terrible toxins. Dr. Lawrence Wilson is just one of the many doctor that do extensive research on far infrared saunas and their health benefits. Below is one of his many articles on how this IR sauna should be used to get the full extent of its benefits.

By Lawrence Wilson, MD

It`s inevitable these days to stay away from toxins

Superior Detoxification: Removes Heavy Metals & Fat-stored Toxins
Increased Cardiovascular Conditioning
Stimulated Immune System
Improved Circulation
Pain Relief
Weight Loss and Cellulite Reduction
Beautiful Skin
Stress Reduction
Recommended by thousands of doctors nationwide, the Far infrared Portable sauna is a critical step in restoring good health to those who suffer from and hundreds of other symptoms that indicate heavy metal (including mercury) or allergies, acne, brain fog, fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, mood swings, frequent colds and flu chemical toxicity.

Testimonials What using a far infrared sauna can do for you Thu, 19 Nov 2009 13:17:44 +0000 In a Far infrared sauna you sweat up to three times more than your conventional sauna. See testimonials

Reflex Sympathetic Discharge (RSD) or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) Reversed Quickly

Dr. Wilson,

In case you don`t remember me I am the person who sent you an e-mail on January 4th regarding RSD. In September I broke my wrist and that followed with two surgeries, as a result I acquired RSD.

I read your article on line regarding the nervous system and was quite impressed so I sent you an e-mail asking advice. I believe at the time I told you that I was in so much pain and so depressed that I was at a loss for what to do.

Almost immediately I received an e-mail from you suggesting the red infrared lamp therapy. I am telling you that you were my angel that day! I followed you suggestion and today I am feeling as good if not better than before the accident.

In the beginning I used the lamp around 4 or 5 times a day for 7 or 8 minutes but as I began to get relief I cut down on the times per day but not the minutes. I think it took about a week before I really realized it was beginning to work.


Sue M.

Chronic Sinus Infection Reversed

Received 4/10/07

Dear Dr. Wilson,

I have suffered from inflamed sinuses for about 40 years. They inhibit my ability to breathe. Also, the sinuses drip day and night and this condition nearly killed my sense of smell. My face was also permanently swollen in the area of the sinuses.

I built an infrared lamp sauna three months ago and have been using it once daily for about 35 minutes ever since.

My body seems to be changing since I have started using the sauna, and I have had several instances where I see auras or halos in my eyes, after a session has ended, triggered by bright light.

I had a major healing crisis that lasted for about 48 hours about one month ago. My sinuses, cheeks, face and gums swelled up and drained profusely. When the crisis cleared, I was able to breath and smell things normally for the first time in memory!

I had a slight reversal about ten days later, but I am still better than before I started using the sauna. My face is no longer swollen and the sinuses do not drip any more at night. My sense of smell is only partially there. You have recommended longer sauna sessions of 45 minutes, and/or having two sauna sessions daily. I will let you know how this affects the sinuses.

Dave S., Galveston Island, Texas



Thank you for the time spent on the phone with me. Because of you and sauna therapy, my wife Joyce, who had been having severe joint pain, is much more comfortable.

Before using lamp sauna as a treatment her joint pain was crippling, especially at night and this also affected her sleep. We tried doctors but nothing helped.

It has been 2 months and with consistent sauna sessions and correct diet I see her condition only getting better. She still gets pains but not as frequent and not as severe.

Vince P., Long Island N.Y.


COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) reversed in an 82-year-old.

Received March 9, 2007

I am 82 years old and until recently had COPD to where my oxygen reading on the finger was 84, my lungs were very raspy and I would wheeze when walking. I had been on oxygen for three years with no apparent benefit from the oxygen. I used a CPAP with oxygen at night and a nebulizer four times a day. There was no benefit that could I see.

A year ago I bought an infrared lamp sauna from Dr. Wilson. I used it for a time last summer without its cover to condense the heat. It provided some help.

Then two and a half months ago I covered the frame and started using the sauna three times a day. I heat the sauna to 120 degrees and I stay inside for 30 to 45 minutes.

After a week of doing this, I began to sweat, first on my back and then the head, neck, underarms, and now my upper torso also sweats a lot. I drink 3 quarts of water daily with 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt per day (table salt will kill you).

I went to the doctor today. My lungs were normal with no wheezing. The oximiter on the finger read 96, although I had been off oxygen for 6 hours.

I still use need the CPAP and oxygen at night, and use a nebulizer several times a day. I am continuing to use the sauna and there is no question this sauna has decreased my COPD a lot.

Bill P.,

Oroville, WA



Received June 14, 2007

My father started his 15 minute sauna on June 1, 2007, only two months ago. He has dropped 21 pounds of edema since then, (yes very short) and along with his Rife therapy, he is feeling amazing.

Thanks again, he is 87.

A. Quiroz


Chronic Fatigue Reversed

July 6, 2007

I have been doing the sauna therapy protocol daily for 12 weeks now (6 weeks with the near infrared lamps installed), and have seen amazing results in such a short period of time. I am 42 years old, and developed chronic fatigue syndrome almost 30 years ago after several illnesses in my childhood and adolescent years.

For decades now, I have been suffering with it. I`ve tried every alternative, nutritional, medical and lifestyle approach I could find, and generally got it to a manageable level, but it always was an ever present factor in my life that worsened over time.

Prior to the sauna therapy, a good month for me typically had five good days and twenty-five bad days. Now, I`m thrilled to report it`s just the opposite. A typical month for me now has five bad days and twenty-five good days!!! I finally see a future without chronic fatigue, and plan to make the sauna protocol part of my health routine for life. Thank you!

T.S. Aptos, California